Study Loan Monthly Payment Should Include as Tax Deductible

When we are :
- 5 years old, thinking of candy
- 10 years old, thinking of games
- 15 years old, I am dreaming of what we want to be
- 20 years old, striving hard to get piece of paper
- 25 years old, stricking hard to clear study loan!

At least that is my life path. While talking to a colleague here about debts and when estimated of settlement, it strikes me to think that those that are to pay for study loan still needs to pay for income tax as well. Felt it doesn't make sense.

Let say A earns 2.6K after deduct EPF and B too earns the same amount after deducting EPF. However, A needs to pay minimum of RM200 on study loan, which makes A's salary is 2.4K after that. For those earning below 2.5K, they don't have to pay income tax. But why A is paying for tax when A needs to pay for the study loan and after deducting that amount, the salary is less than 2.5K?? Huhuhu .. That is what I felt but what to do.....


rebeena said…
ask ur boss give ur RM2499 nett salary..NO need pay Tax liao...hahahha

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