Can Money 'Buy' Thoughts ?

Before this, my opinion about money is that money is important but not everything. However, I find it funny actually. Some people, especially older people would use money to see if a guy is capable to takes care of their daughters or not.

Let say, there are these two guys chasing a girl:
- A is very good, decent, handsome and hardworking. He is not rich and not poor but rich with good characters. Not smoking, gambling or drinking
- B is good as well but still he smokes and drink. However, he is rich and hardworking.

For a girl, some might choose A while some choose B. But what about the preferences of old people? I am actually quite angry at first when my dad and god mom was saying that my cousin's bf is very good.

I'm not jealous! Let me finish the stories.. Couple of months ago, all I heard them say is "He is so old", "He looks stupid" or "He is botak" and "He smoke". But after some time, they are saying that "He is very good, a good and adorable future in laws".

Why? Well, with a single installation of astro in my cousin's parents' house, all other relatives had changed their mind about him and was fully agree that he is a good and one of a kind bf.

This is very funny. With years of experiences and working, who won't have such money??? And all the relatives change their mindset for a simple ASTRO? This is funny.

Some say, rich guy is just like an insurance that would secure their daughter is in good hand upon marrying the guy.

Questions is, is money so important in choosing for a valuable guy?


levian said…
i would agree, same goes to my parents.
they are easily persuaded,
materialistic is what we called them.
i guess its in their thinking,
while us youngster aim for the heart instead.
Dav DiDi said…
Yeah, I guess old people do thinks that maybe a more loaded guy can gives assurance that their daughter is in save hand. But, the world is changing.. There are too girls became very successful... doesn't necessary to depend on guys ..

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