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Pre-Graduates & Post-Graduates Qualification

While talking to some friends that are taking pre-graduates courses and some who are taking post-graduates, I was wondering whether or not to continue my studies.

Pre-graduates are mainly degree studies while post-graduates are those who have master degree or PhD. For me, I do have some thinking of taking master degree. Now, my main concern is what master shall I take?

I am Bachelor of Science (Computer Science). In degree, I study a lot on networking and programming. From C, C++ to Perl script and other programming such as Povray (graphics) and AI. In networking, I study mostly software part, which is eventually the program parts. So, 3 years in Curtin are all writting programs and learning algorithm and anything which are connected to programs.

When I started working, I became fake engineers. Hahaha! Why fake? Well, I am not an engineering background student and I am actually an engineer that do planning. That's why I call myself a fake engineer. So, yeah, I am a planner @ Industrial Engineering. My thoughts now is that if I am to further my study, do I get back in programming or programming or something which is totally out of both of them?? I'm thinking MBA - Master in Business Administration. Hahahaha!! On other hand, I'm thinking about exploring into network field. This is to take CCNA course.

Haaaaiihh, I think I end up not going to take any courses or any further study. No point. After spending 3 yrs to get a master, salary might only be increase by RM300 only. Does it worth it? All does experience is much important than studies?

Any thought to advice?

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Ian 7:35 AM  

during the long time working until u retire, the few more years u spend for your masters/phd is nth. in this long time working, the extra few hundred RM a month sometimes can make a difference :)

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