Pre-Graduates & Post-Graduates Qualification

While talking to some friends that are taking pre-graduates courses and some who are taking post-graduates, I was wondering whether or not to continue my studies.

Pre-graduates are mainly degree studies while post-graduates are those who have master degree or PhD. For me, I do have some thinking of taking master degree. Now, my main concern is what master shall I take?

I am Bachelor of Science (Computer Science). In degree, I study a lot on networking and programming. From C, C++ to Perl script and other programming such as Povray (graphics) and AI. In networking, I study mostly software part, which is eventually the program parts. So, 3 years in Curtin are all writting programs and learning algorithm and anything which are connected to programs.

When I started working, I became fake engineers. Hahaha! Why fake? Well, I am not an engineering background student and I am actually an engineer that do planning. That's why I call myself a fake engineer. So, yeah, I am a planner @ Industrial Engineering. My thoughts now is that if I am to further my study, do I get back in programming or programming or something which is totally out of both of them?? I'm thinking MBA - Master in Business Administration. Hahahaha!! On other hand, I'm thinking about exploring into network field. This is to take CCNA course.

Haaaaiihh, I think I end up not going to take any courses or any further study. No point. After spending 3 yrs to get a master, salary might only be increase by RM300 only. Does it worth it? All does experience is much important than studies?

Any thought to advice?


Ian said…
during the long time working until u retire, the few more years u spend for your masters/phd is nth. in this long time working, the extra few hundred RM a month sometimes can make a difference :)

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