Seafood @ 3rd Mile

Few weeks ago, I went to 3rd mile for some seafood. Well, the thoughts of craving for seafood starts when I went there to pay my celcom bills. As outside the celcom, there are some coffee shops that operates during the night time. The food at one of the coffee shops attracts both me and bf.

We ordered 3 types only. Thinking that I'm on a diet and my bf isn't a big eater, 3 types is more than enough. So, here we go with 'Ikan Bakar', 'Bidin' and Tom Yam. I am actually feeling sick with flu and cough but still I can't get tom yam out of my mind.
Here are some of the pictures of the food.

First Bidin. The other day, I went to MJC pasar malam and had mistaken paku with bidin. Hahahaha, that explain how blur I am with cough and flu.

Second, the tom yam. Well, it's not exactly tom yam soup as I'm expecting (soup too little) but still it taste very nice. I ate most of the tom ya while bf ate the fishes inside. Hahaha...

Third came the ikan bakar.. Yum yum .. This is very nice!!! Although the picture looks like something already burnt, but it's ikan bakar. It should look burnt! Hehehehe .... It's better than restoran (Hardly found restoran with 'ikan bakar') !!!


rebeena said…
How much u spend on it?
Dav DiDi said…
I think RM36 .. can't really remember ... less than RM40

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