"After Shock" from Petrol Increase

Some of us might think that petrol increase is a necessary thing to do while some would go against it. For me, I am in the middle of yes and no. Why? Well, yes because worldwide petrol is increasing. No because it will gives a big impact in our life. There are a lot of impacts with the increase of petrol.

The increase of petrol is like an earthquake. Whenever an earthquake happens, there is a situation called "after shock". Well, the earthquake that happens only hits those in that area. However, the after shock would impact the whole world. After shock means things that happens after something terrible happens.

For petrol, the increase would impact those who have and needs vehicles. The after shock from the petrol, however would impact everyone. Let me elaborate in more details.

Food Price in Coffee Shops
Petrol increase would means increase of logistic cost in getting the material (input) to produce the food (output). Some owner might increase workers salary which indirectly are absorb by the consumers. Not only that, with gas increase for commercial purpose, food price in coffee shops will definitely shoot high rocket in the next few months time. Everyone will feel the impact of the food price increase in coffee shops. By then, will it be much worth it to dine in at fast food centre such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Sugarbun, Kenny Rogers, etc, etc?? Well, this would like to another problem... Health problem. Take one example which is KFC. Everyone knows that KFC food is mostly fried. Is fried items good for our body? Well, we all have the answer.

Public Transport
With the increase in petrol, it would mean increase in public transport. Taxi, buses or whatever the public transport is, the price to travel would also goes up. For now, the cost is only increase roughly 40%. What will happen when it increases 100% ??

Logistic Cost
Nowadays, everything and everywhere around us involves the logistic cost. Cost to deliver the material to manufacturer, cost to send the goods to shop owners, etc, etc ... With the increase in logistic cost, indirectly goods will also increase. Let say we purchase Shampoo XXX for RM10 for now. In future, the cost might be RM10.10 just to cover the logistic cost. RM0.10 might sound very little but will it still be little when we add up all the necessities items in our daily life??? Shampoos, soap, softener, toiletries, bla bla bla....

Living Lifestyle
Let say our favourite foods are "Bak Kut Teh". Every once a week, we would go for "Bak Kut Teh" for lunch. Previous cost was RM5 + RM0.70 (rice) = RM5.70. Now, with the increase of rice, therefore cost of rice goes up to RM1.00. As petrol increased at the same times, this would mean that indirectly the ingredient cost is increase as well. Let me do it in a simple way of saying them:
Rice cost increased + Manpower cost increase = 40% increase
Ingredient cost increase + Gas cost increase + manpower cost increase + Stall rental increase = 40%
By taking everything increase 40%, new price of "Bak Kut Teh" would be RM7 + RM1 = RM8!!!!!! So, still tinking of eating "Bak Kut Teh"?? Or think twice?? That's how petrol increase changes our lifestyle.

There are a lot more impact of the after shock which I do not list it out. It might takes me days to list them all in here. Anyway, I guess I better get back to work now.


Jen's Place said…
Hi didi,
Over here, bak kut teh at RM8 per pax is cheap ah. The other day babe & I eat bak kut teh + 2 rice + 1 yu char + drinks = RM23++...
Dav DiDi said…
Wahhhhh ..... well, Jen, that is "the other day".... after the petrol ... the price will be more than that oh ...

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