Future Ahead of Us

Have you ever think about what would our future be? The first challenge we face would be learn how to walk. Then, the challenge of going to school. Pass the exam, get credited for the excelent results, UPSR, PMR and the SPM. After secondary, our challenge would be to stay far from our family and learn to be independent. Waking up at noon is a trend and sleeping past midnight is just like a daily routine.

After graduation, we face another challenge of job hunting. First job, second job our part time job, it is still looking for job. As we work and received the first income, we proudly show it to our parents or close one.

As a newbies to earn money, some of us might simple over spend and forgetting about the hard earn money. Couple of years later, we realize "Gosh, I've been working for years now and that's the figure in my bank account!". Then, we start to wonder off from the day 1 when we starts to work.

With the inflation, increase in petrol and all sorts of inflation, things keep going more and more expensive. After some tough struggling, we realize that money is not enough. When the company that we work for is not as promising as what we expect, not adjustment of salary, etc, we wonder off further.

Out of sudden, I'm wondering off into my future. What would my future be? I have not yet buy any houses yet house price had increase by 30%. Would about 3-4 years time? What wil be the price? I had not settle down yet petrol keep increasing. How can I save for the future when the only things that seems to be static is my salary.

This is the journey that we all have to face as we grow. Starting from the day we learn walking, our brain starts to think further and further. As of what we will be in the future ....


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