Gawai - Festival of Celebration

While waiting for some input in running my forecast, here I am blogging and posting into my blog.. Hahahaha!! Anyway, Happy Holidays !! Did you enjoy your holidays?

Hhmmmm, on saturday, I just stayed at home, cleaning up the kitchen, collecting 4 plastic bags of rubbish (but later was reduce to 3 as my dad picked some of the things I consider as rubbish)... It was extremely tiring day and I felt like dozed off in my bed with all smelly body from cleaning up. Then, on Sunday, waking up at 6.30am, my schedule is pretty tight.

First, went for church service until 8.30am. Then, visit my godmum in Sungai Apong. Well, I make it a habit to go and see her every weekend since she is staying alone. Hehehe.. Then, I got home at around 10am. Right after bath, it was 10.30am. I went to bf house for Gawai and from there, off we go to Tebakang.

It was quite an experience to drive through Tebakang area and gets lost (although we have map). BF drank a lot and end up I have to drive back from Tebakang (pity me). We visited most of his friends there and I was extremely tired due to the heavy sunshine that day. Keep on yawning while on the way back. Hehehe ...

We came down from Tebakang at around 4.30pm. Then, stopped by at a VCD center to buy movies. Well, I'm exhausted actually but can't get my mind out from the idea of watching DVDs. I bought one horror movies but it isn't that scary at all. *Sigh*

That is Sunday. I am totally out of the idea of visiting on Monday. So end up, we take a tour around Kuching area, getting familiarized on where is S'wak Club and where is St. Peter. Hahaha!! Yeah, I'm that blur in road in Kuching that I need to have a trial drive on the location. Why ??? Well, a friend of mine ask me for help on his wedding day and these two is the location I will be going. Haaaaiiihhhh, hope I won't get blurred on the actual day. Hehehehe...

After a long Kuching ride, we stop by to take a walk in Parkson. BF saw the black pepper roasted chicken and suddenly felt of getting a bite. Haaaihh, my diets.. Huhuhu....

Last day of the 4 days WITHOUT WORK.. In actual plan, I want to work OT but later decided not to go for OT as I'm LAZY. Hahahaha... Haaiih, I wonder how can I earn extra money IF I don't work OT. Each month, complaning about the static figure in my pay slip yet I feel so lazy for OT. Haaiih,... OK, enough babbling. So, I went to Boulevard (yeah, went there AGAIN). Walked around looking for tomatoes. I WANT TOMATOES!!! Hhmmppffff, couldn't find any nice tomatoes anywhere in Kuching at the moment. Huhuhu.... Then, I bought 1 tray of eggs (I think I'll keep at home till rotten), bawang (4 pcs only..) and bread. Dinner plan is corn beef + egg + bread = sandwich. Hahahaha!! And desert is laici's drink. Yummy.. Make me feel hungry when thinking about food.

OK lar, enough babbling for now .....


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