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Happy Birthday, AppleJul

Today marks the day where one of our bloggers, AppleJul is officially older by one more year. I read about her posting that she is actually having depression as when today comes, it would means that she is also getting older.

Well, AppleJul, it's your big day!!! Yeah, I know I mention about a DIY cards that I been hookup with lately. But I only manage to do one testing and after that, forgotten about DIY cards. Hehehehe, this is what I call "Hangat-hangat tahi ayam", meaning only excited for a while then later forgotten about it.

So, instead of giving you a DIY card, I thought of wishing you Happy Birthday by making this posting..

Happy Birthday & May God Bless You!! Don't forget to make a wish when you blow your birthday cakes ya!

3 tell DD:

RaiNboW 12:51 PM  

Hey didi! Thanks a lot!!

Dav DiDi 1:09 PM  

Hope you have a nice day ...

rebeena 5:39 PM  

so cute the doggie...
Happy Birtday Lady!!

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