HE is Fair - Good Things Follows After Bad Happening

HE is Fair - Good Things Follows After Bad Happening

Early last year, there are a lot of bad happening in my family. Begin with me having quite a financial problem for some reason, it follows by a big strike in my family. All thi happening almost at a time that drifted my family into financial lost.

I always believe that God do things with concerns and He has His own way to reveal to us about the path in our life. After the financial hit in my family, I am totally broke (so as my family). Begin with salary adjustment in my company, I begin to have a better salary that can cover up my debts. Trying hard to save up, I am also struggling to help my dad in grocerries. Car is the biggest commitment to me apart from the PTPTN debt and some credit cards debt.

Well, things starts to get better for me when I have bonus early this year. I used some to settle off the credit card and save some for the a.k.a future. As I know that my dad is also financially burden with grocerries & paying for a Kancil, I gave him RM200 as Father's Day angpau for him to fix his car's radio.

He didn't use the money to fix the player but instead to change the old car's tyre. Reason is because 1 day after Father's Day, the tyre punctured. So, with the ang pau money, he get a new tyre. Well, things cover up from time to time and I believe that from each happening in our life, there are always balance in it. It is something like if there is night, there is day.

So yesterday, while I drove my car to the office, a bikers attract my attentio. The reason is because he is carrying Ambank bag which I use to put my dumbell. He is wearing black and riding the bike with patient. So, OK, ambank bag. On my way bag from office, again, I saw another bikers, riding with patient while carrying the ambank bag. I'm not sure if that is the same person but the funny thing is that I saw this bikers right at the same roundabout, same spot and in front of me! So, I have the urge to buy number. Therefore, I drove faster and chase the bikers to see his plate number.

After that, reaching Hui Sing shops, I try to find parking. I tell my BF to buy at whichever with less people. 4D at that time has less queue. So I waited for him by the road side. While waiting, a car came out and I take the parking spot. And it is right IN FRONT of 4D. Hhhmmm, so many coincidence in a day, I thought and somehow was wondering off on first price winning. I'm not sure why and I don't know why suddenly I have some weird feeling that there is a strike.

When I got home, I have the urge to go online and check the ticket. Well, I didn't strike... BUT.. BUT.. instead of me, my dad strike 4d first price!!!!

Is this a gift from Him or the devil? Well, I'm not sure but what I know is that there is always good happening after some bad happening. I thank HIM for giving my dad the winning ticket as that would help to ease his burden in paying for Kancil & house groceries.


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