Jokes for Thumb Drive User

AAA : Let me show you the picture. Plug this thumb drive into your PC
BBB : How to plug ?
AAA : Plug it in your usb port.
BBB : Where is it ?
AAA : (Pointing) That one is usb port
BBB : OK, then ?
AAA : Open window explorer then go to the folder location.
BBB : OIC (click on the files)
AAA : Here is all the picture. You choose lar.
BBB : OK, then I will find the picture. I return you your thumb drive (intend to plug off from the port)
AAA : Wait, Wait. you plug off how you can view ? Copy it in your D Folder
BBB : Is it? Ok (copy and paste actiono)
AAA : You are pasting at the wrong location. It is still in my thumb drive location. Move it to your desktop.
BBB : Haaa, ok ok..
AAA : Now, go to the safety remove and remove the thumb drive from the system
BBB : OK. (opening windor explorer again).
AAA : No no, not this one. The safety remove at the corner of the task bar.
BBB : Huh ? Where ? What is that ? Why need to remove ?
AAA : Of course need to remove. To prevent from data lost.
BBB : Oic, then what's next ?
AAA : Take it out from the PC lor.


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