Lifestyle Change @Petrol Increase Effect

As I have been writing about what is the impact on our daily lifestyle with the increase of petrol, therefore, I have take some action in minimizing the effect in my daily expenses, especially on breakfast and lunch. My before and after: Before:
  • Breakfast either outside or inside, roughly range from RM2-RM3
  • Lunch outside most of the time, roughly range from RM3-RM5 + petrol consumption
  • Weekend shopping at places around Kuching
  • Weekend outing on Saturday & Sunday
  • Aerobics 2x a week
  • Yoga 1x a week
  • Breakfast bring from home and easy to make breakfast, roughly cost RM1-RM2
  • Lunch 3x in office cafe & 2x outside, in office lunch cost RM1.50 - RM3 (no petrol consumption)
  • Weekend shopping at place nearby (my case is Boulevard)
  • Weekend outing 1x a week
  • Aerobics 1x a week & substitute with jogging
  • Yoga still in consideration
Hhhmmm, I guess I'm downgrading my lifestyle?? Who shall we complain?? Hahaha ...


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