$$$ - My Tips to Cut Off Expenses

As we all know, petrol & diesel price has increased. Soon, food price and other daily usage items will also increase. How can we react to our daily expenses? Well, we can't stop the increase of petrol. It will be, sooner or later.

As I am having my lunch just now, I try to think of some ways to save cost so that I won't have to spend any unnaccessary item. Here are some of the things I had in my mind.

1. Petrol Consumption
- Morning go to work, no need to turn on the air-conditioner. It's morning and it should be cold. Evening time, also no need since we have already been in the air-cond for more than 8 hours in the office.
- Turn off the engines while waiting for someone if it takes up to 10 minutes dull time in the car.

2. Food Expenses
- Petrol increase + rice increase + Commercial gas increase = High increase in foods
- So, the easiest is to bring lunch from home. Group lunch would save a lot of cost as well.

3. Weekend Fun
- Instead of going hundreds miles away to enjoy the fun, why not spend it at home with all your family members?
- Plan some family activities instead of spending money in pub. This can also reduce unnacessary expenses in shopping.

4. Plan monthly expenses wisely.
- Perhaps in some simple format of Excel spreadsheet, plan and list out what to buy and what needed monthly before doing any shopping. Like this, we can cut off any unnacesary spending.

Anyone wants to add up anything ?


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