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New Dress @RM90

My new dress ... bought in Boulevard for RM90 (ouch!!)... Yeah, I know, that is expensive.....Stilla ching for RM90.. hahaha...

Launching the dress by wearing them to a friend's wedding dinner at S'wak Club. I actually had slight embarrass dinner that night. Well, I didn't bring a penny with me (only IC and driving license). I know we need to pay for the parking but somehow, I forgot to bring money!!! I'm lucky enough to meet a nice security guard that gives me FOC parking for the night. Hehehe...

Other than that, I bought some t-shirt too (of course not at the same time)...

2 tell DD:

The World According To Me 8:39 PM  

A very pretty dress and top.
Luckily the lack of money was not a problem!

Dav DiDi 8:12 AM  

Hi ,

Well, my bf always say I'm stingy ... in this case, a new dress is in exchange with bringing breakfast and lunch from home (usually I went out for lunch which cost more $$)

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