Pathway to Fun Relationship

SMSes is the best way to cheer up your relationship.... So send some loves smses to your loves one and see their response. SMS that going on today:

ME :
I wrote ur name in the SKY,
But the WIND blew it away..
I wrote ur name in the SAND,
But the WAVES washed it away..
So I wrote ur name in my HEART,
N 4 Ever it will STAY

BF :
Don't write there, later fall, later hurt, later hospitalized

ME :
Why does a man fall in love? Lack of experience. Why does he break off love? Lack of patience. Then why does he want to fall in love again? Lack of Memory!

BF : Because the man loves the women

ME :
The moon is calling u!
The stars are shining for u!
The birds are singing to u!
My heart says: "I LOVE YOU"

BF :

For some of you, this might sound nonsense and crazy or stupid. But for me and the minority of me, this is where love blossoms and grow.....


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