Petrol Increase, Things Increase

While on my way back from office yesterday, a colleague of mine suddenly says that petrol is going to increase 70cents. As my car is only half tank at that moment, I decided to pump petrol. Being picky, I passed by Petronas but doesn't want to get the tank fill up. Went to nearby SHELL, and there I am, stuck there for 1 1/2 hours!!!! Huhuhuhu....

When petrol increase, ather things would increase as well. Considering 30% increase in everything.

Budget figure before and after...

Food - $ 5 daily, $ 110
Expenses - $ 200
Household - $ 100
Petrol - $ 150
Total = $ 560

Now, take everything of this to be increase 30%:
Food - $ 143
Expenses - $ 260
Household - $ 130
Petrol - $ 195
Total = $ 728

Not yet deduct PTPTN loan, car loan, credit cards, streamyx........... What's left for saving ? Yet, there is another annual thingy such as road tax + insurance, income tax, car servicing....

Help...................................!!!!! (Does this means someone need to indirectly let the management know that we need some salary adjustment??)


levian said…
this is so typical of msia .. *raise eyebrow* i suppose many didn't take dinner last night, just to queue for the petrol itself.
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Levian,

I think so ... hahaha .. well, I thought of running away half way queing up but nobody wants to give me way ...

When petrol goes up, the rest of the items will goes up as well .....

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