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St. Peter Church

Let me start the posting with the picture of the angel in the front of the church, carrying the holy water ...

Last Saturday, I went to a friend's wedding ceremony @St. Peter Church, Padungan. As I need to be there early (helping my brother with decoration), therefore, I wake up at 6am (pity me)... Reaching the place at 7am, I walked round the church and realize that St. Peter has a very nice scenery all around them.

First is the Virgin Mary statue. It is next to the church, with a ponds (no fish).

I guess the sisters there likes to plant flowers. There are several different types of flowers all around them. Here, I share some of the picture.

On the other side of the church, more tress and flowers everywhere ...

Our Father ...
Oh ya, there have fishes in the ponds!!! Hahaha, I sound like 'sakai'. I didn't expect to see some fish inside there actually and was actually shock and excited about it.

3 tell DD:

Daniel 10:30 PM  

Oh St Peter's Church. A beautiful one as far as I could remember. Have not been there for quite some time. Is the parish priest Fr. Vincent Chin still there? (I hope I got his name correct).

Dav DiDi 8:08 AM  

Hi Daniel..

Errrmm .. the other day is another priest. I'm not sure if Fr. Vincent Chin is there ... hehehe , coz usually I went to Holy Trinity Church ... But I really do like St. Peter scenery ... Oh ya, they have 2 big dogs in the Father's house. I tried to take picture of them but I guess I scare them off :(

The World According To Me 8:12 PM  

Beautiful pictures.

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