Traditional Chinese Wedding & Decorations

Not long ago, my nephew got married. Yes, my nephew! Can't imagine how old am I until my nephew is getting married. Anyway, I ease myself by saying that my nephew is 2 years older than me. But again, thinking of becoming an aunty 2 years before I'm born is another thing. Hahaha....

I better cut the crap here ... The wedding this time is a little bit combination of east and west M'sia and a little bit of Christian and Buddhist combination of wedding as well. Complicated though but I guess my nephew had converted into one Buddhist now.

Hakka's Tradition to eat "E"

Firstly, the wedding items. A basket full with stuff such as needles, measuring tape, fan, etc, etc... All this is suppose to be prepared by the bride side (I think). Oh ya, not forgetting chicken. I think the meaning of chicken are to wish the couples to have lots of kids. Oh ya, not forgetting the lamp. I'm not sure what is the purpose of the lamp ..

Again, the car decoration is done by my brother and his friend, the owner of the car. The decorations is pretty simple compared to the previous car decoration that I publish here.

Other than that, the flowers taken by the bride is also done by Dave's Deco. Comprised with all pink roses, the handle makes a very nice decorations.

In every chinese wedding, a red umbrella is a must. 'Tampoi' is also needed. An angpau will be place in the tampoi. Those that carries the 'tampoi' to the groom house will be entitle to get the ang pau. From what I know the amount inside the angpau isn't small. Hahahaha..

Red Umbrella



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