Wedding Decoration @7-June-08

Last Sat, as mention in the previous posting, I have attend a friend's wedding. Also, the decorations in the church & wedding reception is done by my brother. Basically, the idea of the decorations is simple but pleasant. The decorations are in blue and white colors....

Let me start with the arch. The arch are covered with pink roses with white clothing. I guess the decorators is trying to make the roses as blooming as possible. The reason that my bro and me went to the church @7am is to set up this arch.

Now, the inside of the church. Along the way to the altar, the decoration is pretty simple. At the path is very long, a lot of blue and white silk alike cloth is needed. One of the bad thing about putting this on the path leading to the altar is that there is only one way to get in and out of the sitting place. Anyway, like all of us prefer, decorations is better than nothing. Hehehehe ... The decorations starts from the angel.

As for the altar, more flowers are used. My opinion is the decorations there makes the altar look outstanding. With the blue silk covering the background and the flower on around them, the altar looks shining actually. Yeah, I know that my picture is a bit dark. Because I forgot to use flash! Hahaha ....

There are also two flower stand in each side of where the bride and groom suppose to sit.

At the corner of the church, the picture of Virgin Mary is decorated with 2 flowers in front of the pictures.

Now the dinner reception. Well, I only took the picture of the stage ... :(


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