What Should and Should No Say to a Girl

Hhmmm, enough about petrol. Let me write something about what should and should say to a girl. An idea came into my mind out of no where on writing this topics.

This applies ESPECIALLY when a guy is entertaining a girl!

Should : Says that she looks pretty instead of cute although she is more into cute. Why? Because the meaning of cute is adorable but UGLY!!!
Should Not : Telling her off that she is just nice but not pretty at all!!!
Example : "You looks great with the new hair"

Should : Greets her and praises her from her outfit, physical appearance, makeup or even her new earing.
Should not : Directly, telling her that those earing looks like PIG
Example : "Your new dress is extremely outstanding"

Should : Console her and telling her she looks great although she looks like tiang lampu
Should not : Directly, telling her that she is a skeleton!
Example : "It's nature of human to be who you are, you are great with such figure"

Movies Time
Should : Ask her for movies of her choice
Should Not: Make judgement on what movies you like is what she wants to watch!!!
Example : "Let's go for a movies of your choice"

Dinner Time
Should : Ask the lady what she wants first and never say negatively about the suggestion!!!
Should Not : Telling her off that you hated eat SUSHI!!!
Example : "Sushi sounds great. Shall we dine in XXX where they have set dinner as well?"

For those who are courting someone out there, take note AND don't keep brushing off your dates. Indirectly, every sentences out from your mouth are judge by your partner!!!


RaiNboW said…
Good advise, didi. =)
Mr. Goober said…
cute - ugly but adorable?

i've always disagreed with this ;) there really are gals who are cute and certainly not ugly.
Dav DiDi said…
Hi ....

Thanks for dropping by .. hehehe ... yeah, I dont agree too but that's what people keep commented ... :) and it do really gives impression to gals ...

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