Who Is Your Best Friend?

After reading the most 'kam tung' posting from JenJen, I sms BF, asking "Who am I to him". The answers that JenJen's future hubby gave is really romantic and touching. Best friend.

Most of us says that best friend is someone we share everything. Best friend know best of us. Best friend will not gives us any stress and will be there to guide us and to hear us. Best friend is not anyone but someone who touches your heart. So is best friend a friend or someone whom you have in your mind to tie the knot together? Or is best friend is just a normal friend that live separately from us and had his/her own life to go on?

The words "BEST FRIEND" might be normal but it has a lot of meaning. I still remember once, a colleague of mine tells me that his wife is his best friend. He can do anything he wanted, say anything he wants, complains anything about anyone he wants without thinking that she will gets hurt or whatsoever. Reason is she is there for him, all the time, whenever he needs her.

I guess, the most bestest friend that a person should find is not a friend within friends but a mate. In choosing a mate, find someone whom you can consider as best friend. Someone you can talk to for hours and hours. Someone who is who you are. Someone that never tell you to "Go away". That is the true friendship and relationship.

And now, I'm curious what BF would sms me back ....


rebeena said…
He is my BestFrend...
I dunno who am i to him... :)
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Dav DiDi said…


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