Bags Collection

Share some of my bags collection with you all. I took this photos yesterday when I'm too bored at home.. I only took some of it as the rest isn't really what I'm currently using. Hehehe...

My dad bought this one when he went to China. Well, it's kind of weird if I use this to work. Normally, I'll use it when I went to some occasion like lunch or family gathering. It is fully hand made using 'manik'

I bought this long time ago. Mashi Maro used to be a favourite super long time ago. Well, its very convenient especially when you are riding a bike!

MNG Collection. It's very nice and I always use it when I go for dinner. This would also means, my big bag can't put in, else I have no place for handphones and car keys. Hehehe...

BUM Collection. Gosh, I should take the turtle picture hanging around the bags as well.. Most of the time, use this bags for shopping.

Another BUM collection. This one I bought from Satok, where they have 50% sales. Normally, used this to work.

Once upon of time, this bags is quite famous. I'm still using them because I can put a lot of things in there, so this bag going to be my choice whenever I wants to bring a lot of things out.

When I'm out for simple and casual outing, I usually used this bag. It's easy and it's Giorgio Armani!

Once upon a time, I always bring this one out. Now quite seldom, but still am using it. It's Kaufman brand.

Although I have so many bags, but I only have one identification card (IC), one driving license and one wallet... So, I always forgotten to bring money.... hehehe...So those who use to go out with me, don't be surprise if one day, I can't pay for food bills. It would means my wallet is somewhere in either one of the bags that I'm not using to meet you!!!


Nice bags! I really like the first one. I love the detail on it.
Dav DiDi said…
Hi ...

Thanks ... well, I think it's very expensive .. as it is hand made.. my dad bought for me because he knows that I'm crazy about bag..

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