DD's Fried Macaroni in Cabbage & Egg

Friday's special.

Yesterday afternoon, suddenly, I seems to hunger for cabbage cook in eggs like what I used to eat during school time. However, feeling that I'm as well bored with rice, I decided to cook macaroni with cabbage and eggs.

Reaching home around 7.30pm after a walk in 'pasar malam' (night market), I prepare the ingredients while eating (boiling the water while eating). Kekeke... I can't wait to lay my hands on the macaroni actually.

Here it goes. First, I boil the macaroni in the boiling water and not let it gets too soft (I still need to fried it). Then, I chopped the cabbage into slices.

I put white onions, garlic and red onions into the pan. Then, when it smells nice, I put in my cabbage until it turns more greenish. Here goes my eggs into the pan and just fry them until it smell nice. After that, I put in the macaroni, mixed them all together. Oh ya, not forgetting salt and 'kicap cair'.

As I thought BF say he would buy curry chicken, therefore, the ingredient this time is without any seafood or meat (it's Friday as well, no meat for the day).


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