DD's Mixed Crab with Salty Vege and Mince Pork

Thursday's Foody.

This is yesterday menu actually. I forgot to take the pictures for my breakfast but basically it's almost the same.

For breakfast, I ate fried egg with crab meat and hotdogs. 2 hotdogs for BF and 1 for me. For the eggs, I put 2 eggs and divide between breakfast and lunch. BF bought RM1 mee in case my breakfast is not enough (end up complaining too full).

For lunch, I added in the salty vege with mince pork. Well, at home I put these two items separated (salty vege with mince pork separate from the fried eggs).

Mixed Fried Egg Preparation
This is easy. I put 2 eggs into one bowl, then put in red onion, salt and crab meat and beat them all together. Then fry them into 3 pieces : 2 for breakfast and 1 for lunch.

As for the salty vege and mince pork, well, recipes cooked by my dad. It was actually my leftover dinner, so I slightly change my lunch menu by putting them on top of the eggs. Hehehehe...


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