Is Guy More LOSO ?

HHmmm, after a few rounds of getting a little frustrated with the naggings from people, I realize that actually guy is much more a nagger than women. I'm not sure if it's because I'm surrounded by guys or it's just their nature to nag.

First, my dad. He can win the award for nagging (hahaha, what a bad daughter I am). Well, it's the truth!! Let me give one example. From day 1 when the government announced about the fuel subsidy, that night, he told me to go and get it. Mentioning about that 3 times. That's not it. When the government again announced that for those who pay the road tax on Mar'08 and Apr'08, they can get their subsidy in the month of June'08. Well, here is the biggest torture. That night, after hearing the announcement, he told me 3 times again, to go and get it on that coming Saturday. Well, of course I won't be so stupid to cramp myself with maybe thousands of other people. The next day, again he remind me to go and get it. This goes on until last Saturday. I decided to go and get it after he told my god mum that I am too loaded that I don't need the extra RM625. Well, that's not true!! Just that I have plan to get it during the maintenance shutdown. Else, what should I do during those 3 days where I'm force to go on leave?? Hhmmppfffff... Averagely, he reminded me once a day to go and get the fuel subsidy.

Second, well of course, goes to a colleague here.. He can call up my extension just to get confirmation again and again. Haaaiih, sometimes, he can call me up more than 10 times a day!!! This morning, I think I've receive more than 8 calls for material incominge confirmation. Huhuhuhu....

Third, well, who else if not my lovely and caring boyboy.. he can be compared with my dad actually. Hehehe.. I know that I'm not the type that is very clean in everything but sometimes, I do forget things. There is this one time, where I forgot to tissue paper in my bag. And this memory lost continues for days. When I tell him that I've forgotten to bring tissue paper, he would bla bla bla bla, and pull me to go and get one. Huhuhu.. And ask question like "What is the tissue doing in your house?"... "Can your cupboard use your tissue?"..."The tissue is for decorations is it?" ... And on the next day, to check again whether the tissue is in my cupboard or in my bag ....

Fourth, well, is also my colleague, whom have a lot of question which doesn't seem to have any endings. And from one factors could lead to another factors. Sometimes, it makes me think why is all this factors important when the main point is just to have a cup of drink!!

Has the world changing now? Or has guy begins to realize that they should do more nagging in making some noises in the atmosphere so that we gals would put attention? Hhmmmm....

P/S: While writing this post, I can actually see my inbox blinking that there are some emails from the colleage I mention in number 2.


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