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Jong's Crocodile Farm (Part III)

As promised, more pictures taken in crocodile farm .... Most important pictures are the crocodiles..... I took a lot of picture where their mouth is opening wide. They just had their lunch, and it's resting time...

Anyone agree with me that this picture makes the crocs looks more like lizard?

Also, there are other animals. I also took some picture of squirels but they keep on moving and it just too hard to take a proper snap of them. I gave up at the end, and this is the best that I can get....
I bribe the squirel just to get a strong nice picture of him (I confirm, this one is HIM)

Also there are a lot of snakes in the park. One of them is phython.

Phython on the loose... Hahaha

End of posting..... Looking forward to go there again. This time, i'll bring some snack pack. The Koreans that happen to go there the same time with us, is actually enjoying the scenery while having their tea break. Hehehehe....

2 tell DD:

The World According To Me 4:19 PM  

I wouldn't like to go too near that crocodile mouth!
Great pics.

Dav DiDi 10:26 AM  

You know, there is one of the crocs, when I reach the cage, he is sleeping with his eye close..

Then, when I talk to BF, his eye suddenly open and look straight into my eye. Caught me for a second. Luckily he is not that near to me.

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