A Night Out For Seafood

Last Saturday night, went to dinner at 3rd mile (near to McD). The must have menu from there is the tom yam fish. Actually this is the second time we went there. The price is quite reasonable and the method of preparing is unique too.

When we reach there, the place is not that packed yet and the food is served less than 45 minutes. We ordered sotong fry in sambal (fattening), tom yam soup with fish and bidin. Well, it took only less than 30 minutes to prepare all of this (compare to that SCR which takes 45 mins to come out with the cantonese mee).

So, here are some of the food picture... First is bidin. Trust me!! It taste better than the first time we came here!!!

Second, is the sotong. Well, it's quite a big portion though but it taste nice.

Third, is the tomyam fish soup. This one is yummy!! Just that, too much 'rumput' in it... Haaiih, forgotten to ask them not to put those into the food..

Here is the bonus ... satisfaction face while having the dinner ...


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