My Holidays Event

As what I mention in previous posting, I’m having my force annual leave holidays. The four days really had downgraded my spirit to work and at the end, I’m more in the mood of sleep, eat and shop. That also means, spending money on something which is not necessary. Haaiihhzzzz….

OK, on Saturday, BF and I went to look for cabinet, for his toys. Well, I always jokingly saying want to throw them away as I’m not the kind that would fond of some alien toys. After going to Chan Furniture and other furniture shops, we end up with the first furniture shop that we went earlier on. He bought the cabinet for RM100 including delivery. It was a nice one actually. I’m thinking to get one for myself to put my books. Pity my books as some of it has no place to store. Hehehe…

Later the evening, I went to JB’s baby one month old celebration. Before that, actually happens to be that there are some miscommunication between me and SK. Haha, I sms saying my dad would drop me ‘there’. The meaning of ‘there’ for me, is the dinner place while for her, the meaning is her house. This is because earlier on, the plan was for me to go her house and later, follow her there. Pretty funny actually that sometimes, words have different meaning to different occasion. Hahaha..

OK, Sunday. Hhmm, didn’t do much but just hanging around at home, watching TV. Didn’t go dating or shopping, just lazy around the house. At night, I make myself natural facemask that is, using white egg as the ingredient. Trust me, you will feel great after that!!

Monday, I’m beginning to get a bit tired of lazily laying myself at home. Morning, went to The Spring with my dad. In the afternoon, watch tv and evening time, went with BF to send his uncle to bus station. After that, we went to Padawan Fair. One of the event there caught our attention. There is one Chinese physician, showing off his snake collection. I can’t really quite catch what he say because he speaks too fast and my Mandarin is just half tank. BF actually a bit shock that I can’t really catch what he is talking. HEHEHE…. What I can see and hear is that this Chinese physician is extremely LOSO. He can defeat my dad in his LOSO words. For example, he talk about rabbit blood. From this topics, he goes to the topic that in fact human also have blood. The blood color is also the same as rabbit’s blood. From we being in mummy’s womb until we are out, we will have blood. And even if we die, we too will carry on with the blood in our body. Then he mention about disease connected to blood. There are 4 types of diseases connected to blood. I didn’t really put my attention after that because he talked non stop while my attention is actually only to see the 16 feet snake in the cage. Well, I left after that when he mention he will show 2 other demonstration before he let us see the snake. BF is reluctant to leave but I remind him of working the next day.

OK, today! My mind is thinking YAHOOOO!!! Because tomorrow is working day! Hehehe, well, I’m extremely bored today. Went to Boulevard, again, spending money buying hotdogs, macaroni and the sauce. Now, I’m sitting here, online and watching tv at the same time. Hahaha…. Tonight, still not sure whether or not to go aerobics. I’m feeling extremely lazy.

OK, that’s what I’ve done for 4 days. Next posting – bags.


silvana.verg said…
Hey Didi,
It seems like the feel for food shopping and sleep is world-famous!
I feel in the same mood.

Dav DiDi said…
Hi Silvana,

Thanks for visiting my blog..
Well, thank God I'm now working, else I think another day of sleeping and shopping (spending money) ... hehehe

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