Polygamy Marriage

While reading TheStar after the lunch, I came across one article about this guy, given a consent to marry the fourth lady. I don't know about you all but for me, I am really piss off while reading the news.

Firstly, marrying second wife can be consider as not being faithful to your wife and I consider the guy as "lepas madu hilang, mau madu yang lain". This guy even marry 4 person! What the hack.. And he mention falling in love? Is love so divided off? Is the definition of love is the more wife, the more love? For me, this kind of action is equavalent to lesbians or gays action. Doesn't this shows that he is more eagerly hunger for sexual satisfaction rather than love as per what he had mention?

Secondly, with his salary of 3K per month, and 18 kids from the 3 previous marriage, he yet still thinking of getting another wife in which the previous wife would sponsor him to make a palace for this new a.k.a beloved future wife? Logically thinking, what kind of guy that would willing to depend on wife? For me, there are only one type of guy who I consider as wife dependent - coward.

He is not a rich person to support yet wants to support - selfish. Consider falling in love again? What kind of statement is that but no other than sexually not satisfied. 18 kids and yet still wants more? I don't think he know all of the kids name.

What had gone to this world? Marrying 4th wife but still consider himself falling in love? For me polygamy is a total NO NO and UNACCEPTABLE action for me. This kind of people is worst than lesbian and gay. At least lesbian and gay respect and faithful to their partner.


rebeena said…
Ada Sex, Ada Love lo... :)
Tyson said…
I think and believe...

Love is not just one man and one woman.
Love also exist one man and four women.
Love also exist one woman and four men.
Love is everywhere, anytime, any age and is the best thing in life. If couples agree to extend the love to another lover, instead of being selfish, so let it be.

Jealousy and selfishness is the root of all evil.
levian said…
guys would definitely disagree to this. but for us girls, the least we can ask for, is for a guy to be faithful to us. n i agree with you. :)
WaterLearner said…
Interesting! I can only say that the subsequent girls that married him really did not marry for money. With 3K, not much to go around.

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