As I have just posted about the recent kidnap tactic, now is the recent cheating tactic. This is true and it really happens in Kuching!!

While I was chatting with a friend in MSN, he told me that his sister received a call recently from unknown. The caller told his sister that he is in trouble and demanded that she comes and look for her brother. My friend is working that time and lucky that his sister did not get too nervous and manage skip the fraud.

Most of the cases, the caller will call up our immediate family members and tell them we are in trouble. Then, they will demanded some money to ensure safe release of our safety. So, before you start to believe what they say, CALL BACK to your family members before doing any money transfer or meeting anyone!!!!

In another scam, they would call up and demanded for our credit card numbers. DO NOT give out your credit card number BLINDLY!!! Check and double triple confirm before you say anything. The best thing is to go to the nearest banks IF they really do requires verification of your credit card number.

The world is not safe anymore. Anything that happens, we must be cautious. Simple scenario like receiving dozens of miss call is a sign of some scamming going on.

Pass all the news to everyone...


Rose said…
I read the same story too Didi! Prettyn scary that it is happening in Kuching. Gotta be careful
Dav DiDi said…
Yaya, there is a lot of cheating cases recently...

So sad that Kuching is also not save anymore ....

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