I receive this forwarded mail from one of my colleagues. Well, as this happens at my housing area and I believe this is not a scam, I publish them in my blog. Please take note and spread this news around. Beware of bad guys!! Teach your kids how to protect themselves. Don't let them be the victims of missing person.

Dear all,

Just want to share this with you all and be extra careful & alert others.

Last sat my niece (8 years old) finished tuition at 11am (Aloha tuition centre - Hui Sing, next to Lucky Bun Bakery) but my sister in law was late to fetch her. When all the kids left(around 11.10am), she was alone there, a guy (according to my niece, big size, dark and wearing a sunglass) approached her and without saying a single word, that guy pull her hand and want her to follow him to his car, but my niece don't want and quickly sit on the floor but that guy still pull and pushing her towards his car (park in front of the tuition centre) but she refused to move, luckily and thanks God that a car came from behind (who drop their kid for tuition too) scare that guy away, he quickly let go my niece and jump to his car and drive away. According to my niece, that guy wear a mask before he drive off.

Thank God that guy did not come back and look for her after that. My sister in law reached there around 11.15am.

I think the best way is ask kid wait for their parents inside their tuition centre until their parents come and parents don't be late to fetch their kids too. Within few min time, anything can happen. I believe this kind of bad guys can be at anywhere if their intention is to catch or kidnap kids.

We have informed that the tuition centre abt this so can alert other parents.

We also got informed by the tuitor there that recently few cars behind the tuition centre was stolen. So Hui Sing is a 'black area'.

Last week my sister in law's friend received a call from a stranger and asked for RM300,000 if she want her kid to be safe. She heard a kid was crying and that guy told her is her kid and asked for money. She was scare to die but luckily she called her son's school 1st before she do anything and the headmaster confirmed to her that her son is safe and still in the class. So be careful.


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