Weekend Fun - Cabinets & Toyssssss

Last Saturday, went all around Kuching to look for a nice cabinets. Our first stop is Chan Furniture, 3rd Mile. We saw one cabinet cost RM109, but still reluctant to buy as we wants to survey on other places. So off we go to Court Mammoth. Trust me, this place is only for those who wants to loan for furniture! The things there is so expensive and quality is the same as what Chan Furniture has. But the price gap differences is absolutely HUGE!!!! There is one sofa, sold in Chan Furniture for 1K++ but is was sold up to 3K in Courts!! Nggaaiiittiiiiii....

Then, we went to one in town. It written there Gudang Perabot but, again the price is so expensive. There is only cabinets, exactly like the one we saw in Chan Furniture, but the price is RM145. Imagine that, RM109 vs RM145! Huh, some more, the staff there is so egoist and didn't bother to entertain us.

So, off we go to another furniture shop, Casarano. However, they don't have any cabinets, only house furniture.
So, we intend to go back to the first shop. BUT before that, we stop by at MITA Cake House, and BF bought this as I'm craving for cakes. Hehehe, I ate all of them except for the Cherry. Hehehe....

When we reach there again, the staff is quite friendly and tell us that the cabinet is actually RM100 including delivery. WOW, that is really worth the money! So, BF bought that one, pay them full amount and get their contact details.

Last stop was to Boulevard. BF bought chicken as his aunt going to cook curry for dinner. As for me, I just go sight seeing and will be having dinner later that night as Satay House. BF was excited to get the cabinets on Sunday. He arranged all his toys nicely on the cabinets and took some picture of it.

Here it goes ...

Talk about liking these toys, well, I think they going to give me nightmare if I woke up, looking at these thing staring me at me. Hahaha ...


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