Blackout in S'wak @9th Aug 2008

Last Saturday night, the whole Kuching is having a dark night. I heard that Sibu and Miri is affected as well. Hhmmm, what is our beloved SESCO trying to do?? Don't they know that it's so hard to live without light?

Well, at first, I was planning to go to Boulevard at night. They have some sort of concert that night and also fun fair (I think). Was intended to go for fun. With the blackout, I think twice. Well, I guess other than lights and mosquitoes, I don't think the concert can be carried out. They might only be singing without the microphone or instruments. Last 2 weeks ago, a group of youngsters age 15 perform and they sang the song "Shut up".

OK, so what did I do during this black time? Well, it is so hot to be inside the house and it is extremely frustrated to be outside too!! Why? Inside the house is superb hot and outside full of mosquitoes. I hate to say this but I really feel like killed all the mosquitoes. I wonder why they are so attracted to my blood. Hhhmmpppffff...

At first, I stayed outside the house, looking up to the sky. That night, the sky is full with stars and the moon is only half. My dog is outside too and she is busy trying to fight with the candle I put outside. Don't ask me why she is fighting with the candle, I guess my dog is one of the crazy dog.

Then, after a while, electricity comes back as normal... BUT fifteen minutes later, it's dark again. Huh!! Again, switch on the emergency light, I feel lazy to go outside. Lying on the floor with my dog, I fall asleep. Only woke up with itchy leg because of those MOSQUITOES again... Arrgghhhhh!!!!

My dog is wondering and keep on moving her head, interpreting what I'm doing trying to kill mosquitoes with my hands. She thought that I'm playing some sort of games and began to participate by scratching my hand and jumping around. Hhmmppffff...

After a while, electricity comes back again. Well, I have no more mood to watch tv. Felt annoyed that while in the peak of watching, the electricity gone off. So, I went to sleep. Hahahaha... My dog, of course, keep asking people to play with her.


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