Lunch Menu For Today

Last night, I'm very motivated to cook something for today's lunch. Well, maybe because too many days of eating chicken meat and no cooking for 2 weeks makes me missed cooking.

One of the dish that I had in my mind is cabbage (I miss cabbage!!). I fried the cabbage with onions and eggs. It smells nice and it taste nice too!! Hehehehe ...

Don't know what came to my mind last night that makes me cook two type of dish. It's a very simple dish actually. Nothing to be proud of but I'm feeling proud because I finally cooking again! So, second dish is hotdogs with prawn fry them and later mix with spicy sauce (chilie sauce + flour + some sugar + salt). I tasted it too and it's yummy (at least yummy for me).

I tell BF that I've prepare 2 dishes for today's lunch and tell him that it is for 2 person. He do not need to buy fast food from the pondan cafe but only the rice. But he replied "So kedekut, beli nasi putih saja?". Hhmmppfffff ... Well, it's saving money and some more I sincerely cooked leh. Well, if he wants to get something else ... Up to him lor .. I can finish them (Without eating rice) and future, cooked for 1 person (learn lesson liau, of course don't cook so much).

Well, I'm not a good cook actually as I only know simple stuff like these but I'm thinking of learning how to cook. Any suggestion what other simple stuff I can think of for lunch menu?


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