Mix.fm Lie Detector Test @14thAug2008

This morning, after being much influence by JenJen to listen to the lie detector test, I turn on my radio on my handphone and listen to one couple who participate.
Well, the lady is definitely tough and very loving mother. The husband had been cheating on him for more than one time. Huh! Imagine that... Sitting in front of some radio crew members and hearing the machine telling you "Deceptive" when our husband is being ask "Have you been cheating on your wife". Again and again, the husband lied and even says that the machine is telling lie. And it's not only cheating on her for one time, but more than one time!!
After this lie detector test, I'm sure things will never be the same again for the couple. How can the wife take like nothing ever happen? How can she really trust her husband again in future? As for the husband, I don't sense any regret or any repentance from the way he talks on the radio. He should be shameful of himself. Being so irresponsible and only care about his own self.
For us lady, what will we do if we found out that our husband is cheating on us? For me, if my husband is cheating on me and if there is still not yet a child in the family, I would ask for divorce. How can we trust the guy again? Even if he promise not to do it again, can we really trust what he say? If we accept the guy back again, will everything be the same? I doubt not.
But, if I have kids of my own that time, I might think of them. What will broken family effect on them? Or should I hide the truth from the kids? What will they feel if the parents separated? If they find out the truth on why the parents divorced, will they hate their father? For all the heart broken feeling, I might choose to stay in the marriage for the kids BUT without any body contacts with husband. What is the use of body contact when he is no longer mine alone?
Another BUT my husband approach me to have second wife, I would rather divorce than sharing my husband even if I have kids!!! I will be better on my own.
A friend of mine ever say that girl will be happy as long they married a rich man because they do not have to work anymore. Is this true? So what if the guy is rich but having dozens of mistress outside? Will I be happy? I don't think so. What if he divorce you? Can you survive? Or what if he prioritize on second wife more than you?
For me, to find a guy that remains faithful to us might be a mission impossible. Scientifically shown that men are more sexually driven and they could segregate between love and sex. As for women, majority of them will only have sex with someone they love. Will all married man cheated on their wife? What is wife's security when possibility of men cheating on their wife seems high? All this only remains unknown and only guys will have the answer of being faithful to their wife.
I have many guy friends who are married and yet acting like not married. There is one, whom had been keeping secret about his marriage for years. Why is it so hard for a guy to let everyone know that he has a wife?
When I first be with my bf, he is pretty shy to let his colleague know about it. Well, for me, I take it as its an early stage. After a while, when he still acted the same, I decide not to commit so much until he is willing to let go his own shyness or whatever that holds him from letting people knows about it. Lucky that now, he is not like this anymore. Hehehe..
For me, even if I'm married, I will not stop working. No one knows the future. I do not want to depend on anyone including my future husband. There are many "what if" things that can happen. Why must we be the slave of guy or slave of what happens?


Search For said…
You have to remember that the results of lie detector tests are very dependent on the quality of the examiners performing them
Dav DiDi said…
Hi There,

Thanks for dropping by ..

Well, yeah, I agree but this test can make a person lost confident on their spouse, don't you think so ?

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