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Wedding Atmosphere

Couple of weeks ago, I have been asking the same question from several different people arounds. I wonder why everyone keep on asking me that question. Any of you know what I mean? Well, most of them are long lost friend or school friends. We seldom see each other and most of the time, keeping in touch with each other via MSN and YM. One of my friend, Angel is even funny. This is what the conversation is:

Angel : "So when is your turn?"
Me : "What turn?"
Angel : "When you wanna give me red card?"
Me : "Hahaha, not so soon. How about you? When are you coming back?"
Angel : "Not so soon too. I wait for you to give me red card before I come back"

Walau eh!! This friend of mine has been in Adelaide for 5 years and she told me she only come back if I give her red card?? Ngaitii, as if I'm getting married next year. She has not been home for 5 years and was willing to come back for me? Hhmmmm ....

Wedding is like a hottest topic this year, I wonder why. Since early of this year, I have been attending a lot of wedding dinner (it also means wallet empty for me). Last week, a friend of mine is telling me that she is getting married in Aug, 24. I was like "Oh Ok" as this is actually quite a sudden news for me. Then on Saturday, another friend (happen to be a friend's brother actually) told me he just proposed to his girlfriend and might going to get married in Aug'09. Errrmm... ok, another friend is getting married. Then today, another friend asking if I am free on 29'Dec this year. For one second, my brain knows what this is... wedding dinner. Hahaha... Well, actually there are 2 people that I know that will gets married in Dec'08.

Out of sudden, I keep thinking. How would a person knows that they are ready for the commitment? The commitment to share the promises that made, especially the commitment of "Till Death Do Us Part"? Marriage is a very sacred occasion and it takes a lot of courage for two different people to join hand and to share their life through good and hard of life.

Other than that, I also feel "older". Well, why not? Most of my friend around me is telling me "I'm getting married". When friends around us are getting married, it would means we are no longer a gal but is a lady. Believe it, sometimes, I do feel sad that I'm already "old lady" going nearer to 30s. My BF keep on disturbing me about I look older (tease me when I'm angry so that I'll forget about the reason why I angry and talk to him). I might be just a teasing but still I do terasa...

With my birthday nearer, I do feel getting older more.. Is this what the depression mention by AppleJul in her pass posting about depression over her birthday coming ?

4 tell DD:

Rose 8:41 PM  

Didi, it is just normal to have such feeling. Some people may think that it is a norm to get married when all your friends do so. Just dont rush it becos you think you should get married.

You married when both of you are ready and really meant for each other. :) Luckily most of my friends are married, so not put too much pressure on my wallet. hehehe! But there are definitely 2weddings that i will attend, one in Sept and other in Dec 08 (guess we talking about the same person??)

Dav DiDi 7:21 AM  

Hahha, yeah, we should be talking about the same person ...

Agree .. marriage is something that both party must be ready for it .. it's not just a simple conclusion and decision like buying a cloth .. it's a lifetime decision ...

RaiNboW 10:25 AM  

hey, didi. don't get depress over ur birthday coming soon. enjoy it fully instead. get depress when the real 3 comes.
well, since my bd is earlier than urs, i'll tell u how i feel when i'm reaching the real 3. haha..

Dav DiDi 8:20 AM  

Hahaha .. Rainbow .. well, maybe when we are reaching 3 ... we will prefer to hide our b'day and not celebrating it at all ... hhmmm ...

guess what .. i plan to buy myself one microwave oven next mth as my own b'day gift wor ... i think, everyday home cook lunch makes me think of learning cooking ... before this, i never bother to go to the kitchen leh ...

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