I've Got Mail From Google

I guess this month is really a good month for me.

First, my dad bought me a new shirt for my birthday. Then, BF too bought me a new skirt. I bought myself a new shirt too! OK, this might sound normal.

I've been waiting half dead for post mail from Google. Finally the letter is here!! Yippie!! To make the news happier, it cames right before my birthday! YES!! I can activate my account once again and start to earn.

For those who know about this, well, we need the googles adsense post mail regarding the PIN in order to re-activate the account. One good thing about this is that, we can securely trust Google Adsense as they do not depend only via virtual images but also by post!

When I got it last night, I can't wait to release my account from being on hold any further. Yes!!!

For those who still waiting for the mail, let me give some summary. It would takes about 4-6 wks for google to send the letter to you. And if you do not receive them, you can request for another one once the first request expires. You can do so for 3x.

Google adsense will also send email to tell you about the letter. If you do not receive the post after 2x requesting for it, you can emailed them. Trust me, they won't reply to your email BUT that doesn't mean they didn't do their job! I got my post mail now after I emailed to them! Yeah!!

Wish everyone all the best with adsense and wish me the same too, ya!!!


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