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Lantern Festival

Happy Lantern Festival!! Or is it mooncake festival? Hehehe...

Yesterday was the celebration of lantern festival. I took this chance to be kid again. Hehehe, by putting 4 lantern all round my house, I feel young again. Hahaha!! Actually I thought I have a lot more left over from last year's lantern but I couldn't find them. Can only manage to find 4, which one of them is 'gundam', one dolphin and the other 2 is "Hello Kitty". Sorry, no pictures because that night I'm too busy replacing the candles and consoling my dog.

As the lantern is with shapes, so I can't use a longer candles. Because of this, I used a shorter candle and need to change new on every 15 minutes. But it's fun. I feel young again! Hahaha... BF came to my house and I pretend 'merajuk' because he didnt buy me more lantern to compete with the little boys next door. Hahaha...

I heard some people is celebrating the festival by playing fire crackers too. Because of this, I need to takes care of the little timid dog of mine. First, she hides under the cupboard. Then, she open my dad's room and hide under the bed. I think she settled there for about 15 minutes. Then she came out when she heard BF coming. Suddenly another loud bang. She run quickly to hide under the cupboard again.. *Sigh*

BF come in, inspecting my room again (to see I tidy up or not). Got some nagging from him and force to tidy up my bed in front of him. Another bang which brings my dog to hide under the table. Without I realize it, she later moved to hide under my bed.

When we look half dead for her, calling her names, tempting her with food, she crawl out from under the bed and hide under the sofa. Haaaiihhzzzz.... BF tempt her out and massage her.. That keeps her cool down for a while. But her tail is still down. Huh, I wonder what will happen during CNY. Hhmmm...


2 tell DD:

Jen's Place 1:11 AM  

WAHAHAAH! Sound like the dog that I gave to rebeena's bro's fren (so complicated). She ah, oredi mommy a few times also still so scared of fire cracker. Her anak happily play around.

Dav DiDi 7:12 AM  

Hahahaha .....

I think it's because dog hear things few times louder than us .. if we think its loud,..they think its earth quake..something like that ...

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