Pondan / Tomboi / Gay / Lesbian

Hhhmmm, first of all, hope I don't offend anyone here...

As I'm from girl's school, seeing tomboi and lesbian is very common. I even read a letter from a girl to another girl (of course the letter is not for me!!) saying how much she likes her and know that they are impossible to be together. Not only that, my friend had proudly showed to us picture of her kissing her partner, who is also a gal. Don't get me wrong. I'm not anti this

Previously, my office cafeteria is manage by a pondan. He is extremely not friendly with sour face and rude attitude. Because of him, I have boikot SCR for 2 months. Hehehe... And, my opinion on pondan is ridiculous and unacceptable behaviour.

After the official email from HR saying that our future cafeteria would be "XXX", my imagination is cafe full with guy imitating girls' behaviour. Hahaha.. What can I say, being study at a school opposite to a guy's school makes me a little bit annoyed with those 'girl'.

Well, couple of days having this cafeteria which full of pondan really did change my opinion about them. At first, it's just a bit of weird feeling to talk to one of this kind. But now, they actually give me a good impression that their behaviour that way doesn't mean they are girlish. It's just by nature that they are a bit more soft and gentle compare to normal guy.

Scientifically saying, it's just an imbalance of hormone in their body. So, we should actually respect them like normal human being, right?? Hehehe ...

Pondan and tomboy is acceptable. What about gay and lesbian? Hhmm, I'm not sure if I can ever accept a lesbian/gay as my friend. The imagination of a girl kissing another girl or a guy kissing another guy is just way too much for me. Imagine this. Two guys, holding each other and kissing right in front of you. I guess my hair will just stand straight up. I might run as far as I can.

Hhhmmm.. How about all of you out there ?


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