Weekend Plan

Let me start my blog with the word ... its' FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! Yippeeee!!! And do you know what makes it more interesting? I'm on leave on MONDAY ... Yeah!!! 3 days OFF ... whahaha... hey, don't envy me ya ...

While talking to my colleague just now, I just learn what is ABC special means! It actually means Air Batu Campur special. Hahaha .. Ooppsss, I'm damaging my blog with babbling again ..

Yaya, I'm happy!! Because it's FRIDAY!! And also because I have plan for this weekend:
Saturday - buy chicken, lamb, hot dog for BBQ on Monday (not working bah)
Sunday - got dinner at Lok Thian (fooood, here I come!!)
Monday - 12am : open prezzie by BF. He promise to give me on Saturday (with condition I learn the asam fish recipe and give it to him, huhuhu...)

Yippie!! It's almost time to go home... Going to upload all the picture from my camera and publish them here... Yayaya!!!

Home sweet home.. I'm coming ...


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