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Art of Nail

Share some picture .. where I design my nail not long ago. I'm bored now and the only picture I have in this moody PC is my nail design ....

It's not expensive at all, ok! The flower cost me RM1.99 (can use 3x nail polishing) and the nail polish color is just RM3.

3 tell DD:

Kok 3:41 PM  

wow, looks good!:D

Rose 9:16 AM  

Didi, I always wanted to do that myself, but i am never good with it! I am lousy when come to nail art, so prefer to get someone done for me! ;p

Dav DiDi 7:29 AM  

Hi Rose, Kok,...

Well, save money, so I learn to do it myself ..

Today, my nails colored black..hahhaa

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