Low Cost Shopping Spree Weekend

Well, last week, I had my fun shopping almost everywhere in Kuching in the low cost style. Hehehe... It's fun you know in term of less money is spent and quantity is more. Of course we should go for quality as well but as for gals, a dress may only last for maximum a year. So, even if I get a super high quality and of course expensive, it still last in my wardrobe for a year. So, why branded stuff ??

OK, here I go, popping my head around Kenyalang Park. It's a must to go place if you are in Kuching! You get to get cheap disk (of course it's not so original). I didn't get any movies or songs but was looking for shoes or sandals. Saw a few which is nice, compare the price and style.. end up I didn't buy any. With the cost of RM50, it's not worth getting no brand as branded sandals range is also within RM40-RM100. Hehehe.....

There are few "bugs" following behind me when I take a look at the shoes. Well, don't get me wrong and sorry ya, for calling the sales person as bugs. But, don't you think they really is a bugs?? How would you expect your customer to see the stuff peacefully when you keep on following them behind??? I move one step, she move one step. I stop, she keep say this one nice, that one nice, this one discount, etc. Hey, I'm not blind ok. I can see the sign saying discount!!

So, it took me about 5 minutes loitering around each shop in Kenyalang. I end up buying "sukun". Hahahaha.... Then went all round Kenyalang, looking at pet shops, and musics. BF bought mp3 disk. Haaaiihhzz, too bad, my player in the car is a CD Player. I wonder why Atos folks installed a cd player rather than mp3 player! Hhmmppfff.. thinking to change it but... It's pioneer oh!!

OK, so next, head off to the shops at Jalan Song. Well, the reason I went there is because there are few shops with the banner "All T-shirt is RM9" and another with the banner "All T-shirt is RM10". I'm hunting for t-shirts! Since I lost weight, I've been donating most of my t-shirts away. Haaiihhzzz....

Went to Fashion.News for t-shirt hunt. Well, consider the price of other dress, hhmmm, it's time to get out of the shop. Then, I asked them about the t-shirts. Guess what, the choices is so limited!!! What the hack! Wasting my time! Not only limited but it looks like t-shirts that I could get from Indian Street! Hhmmppfff....

Then went to some other shop before ended up in "The Ladies". I can say, I prefer this shop than the first one. Choices of other dress is limited but at least the bugs is not that annoying and the taste is much suits mine. As for t-shirt, haaaiihhzzz, not much different than the first one.

Not satisfied with 0 t-shirt bought (I saved my lunch for this shopping!!), I went to tabuan for low cost shopping. Saw few t-shirts and the price is reasonable too! Bought one t-shirt for RM13.90. Yes!!!

Then went to UNACO to look at the sandals/shoes. Well, nothing please my eyes! The t-shirts, I better go Everise!... Hhmmppffff... So, I went to the supermarket... Bought soap.. Hahahha.. yaya, only soap!! Saw another cold storage nearby so went in there, to buy fish. Hahaha... But, the price is super expensive! Gosh, what kind of cold storage is this!

Last station... Everise.. When I reach there, I'm not in the run for shopping but more to grabbing the fish which is cheaper in price. Hehehehe....

That's my Saturday... Spend the whole Saturday touring round Kuching area. Yayaya....

Next shopping target : shoes/sandals for JenJen's wedding


Kok said…
Seems like you had a wonderful weekends eh? hehe.

About the CD and MP3 player. You can buy something called "FM Modulator". You can search for it at lelong.com.my . Basically it's like, you put songs into one thumbdrive and plug it to the FM Modulator. Then you can insert it to the "cigarette lighter" in the car. After that, use the radio frequency to listen to your mp3. Then you don't need to change your cd player!:)

Hey, sure we can exchange link. Will add you to my list ok? :D
Dav DiDi said…
Hehehe, yaya ... my BF says that I should just get those .. Hhmm, maybe i'll hunt for it .. hehee ...

Yaya, gonna add your link now.. :)
Kok said…
You can try hunting it at lelong.com.my. I saw some cheap one. :D

Thanks for adding me!:)

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