RM2 Sushi King Promotion is Back!!!

Guess what!! RM2 Sushi King promotion is back!! Yayayaya!!! Been longing and waiting for this moment to enjoy eating cheap sushi. I'm looking forward to the Unagi! Yes!!

The sushi king promotion in Kuching would be on 21st-23rd of October. Yes, this month!! Yahoooooooo...... And guess what.... I'm taking half day on Tuesday, 21st October... One of the reason is because of the RM2 promotion. Whahahahaha!!

Last year, when they had the promotion, I went there right after work, which is 5.30pm. I thought that no one would be as early as I am. But, I'm wrong.... When I got there, the queue is so long that it took us about 45 minutes before we can actually sit down and take whatever sushi that we want. Hhmmppfffffff!!!

So this year, going to take leave, went there at around 2pm to eat. Hahahaha...... Remind me to take some picture ya!! I'm going to the Boulevard's Sushi King. Why? Well, the first time I ate at The Spring's Sushi King, the food isn't fresh and the taste is like 3 days ago food. So, no thank you... Had no intention to go back there again ......


Kok said…
I want the Unagi!

We still don't have any Sushi King here in Miri. Guess they'll be coming in real soon.

Enjoy yourself ya! :)
Dav DiDi said…
Oh .. you are from Miri? Hhmmm, I studied there 3 yrs.. miss Miri so much ...

Yeah, going to enjoy myself. it's RM2 wor ... Cannot miss this chance!!
Kok said…
Pure Mirian here!:D I think I know which uni. hehe. Come back again! It's so near only. :)

If I were there, I would grab all the salmon and unagi. hahaha!
Dav DiDi said…
Yeah!! I will grab all the yummy & expensive one..hehehe ...

Good morning!!

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