Cough, Flu and Fever

Last Saturday, I'm hit the 'jackpot' for the three H1n1 symptoms: cough, flu and fever. Actually on Saturday, it's only cough. Then Sunday cough and flu. On Monday, went to the in-house clinic for body temperature checkup : 38.3 degree. Last night, the news in ntv7 says that whoever with fever more than 38.5 degree should be quarantine and given H1N1 anti-viral injection. *wink*

So, Monday evening, went to KPJ and fever is back to normal (I took some panadol after knowing that my fever is 38.3). The doctor just gave me cough syrup (which I called as sleeping water), lozenge, antibiotic and flu pills. Trust me, the pills are the biggest I've ever seen so far!! Gosh, I hate pills. MC on Tuesday. The doctor there terrified me when she ask me to go SGH if I cough blood or fever going up.

Then, went back to work on Wednesday but obtain MC from in-house clinic due to non-stop coughing. Better stayed at home than infecting others with the virus. Since Thursday is my UL, so, I'm back to work on Friday.

Well, getting sick at this time is really not a good thing. With the H1N1 everywhere, whenever you tell a soul that you are sick, they will somehow connect it with H1N1. The first question people would ask is "Got fever?", "Cough?" and "Flu?". Then, if you are working they will immediately ask you to get MC. Hhmmpppfffff.....

Anyway, I'm still coughing but just can't take my mind away from office issues.

P/S: It's raining now.. Good news because no more haze!!


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