Newbies in Town

Recently, a neighbour of mine had adopted a dog. She looks like the breed pointer, mix with local dogs. Due to her appearance, I named her 'moo moo'. She is still quite shy and scared. Each time she sees other dogs, her tails goes down and she would run back home.

I try to be friend with her by giving her food. So far, she only came to me when I have something for her. Sigh, have to give her some more time...

"Hi, come our from the house and let's play together"

"Yummy.. yum yum"

And, I can see that Pooh is not very happy with the new gal in town...


Rose said…
Hahha! Your pooh must be jealous because you have new friend in "moo moo" :p
Dav DiDi said…
Yeahhh .. she don't like the new puppies ..

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