Sarawak Election - 16th April 2011

After my yoga last night, I went together with my dad to one of the speech by DAP. Well, to tell the truth, I am not the all so political kind of people. For me, politics is not what I'll get myself into.

Anyway, the crowd of DAP supporter is undeniable! No doubt that most of them are chinese but still, there's so many that willing to come out and listen to them! When it starts to rain, the crowd is still there. This is really amazing.

What is your opinion about politics and election? For me,  I believe that everyone have a dream. Dream leads us to what we are and what we want to be. Whether it is BN or DAP, they all have a dream and path that has been built since day one.

For those of you out there that is still thinking who to vote, well, think of what have both parties done. Who is the one that is obviously showing sincerity? Who fight for the people? When I say people, I mean human regardless of who they are! I believe that most 'kopitiam talk' votes for the people's choice.

In this election time, all the candidate will be talking out loud what they will do and what they ensure the people will get. My opinion is that, future is something we cannot see. Regardless of what the candidate promise, it is still something unsure. Rather than judging who to vote via what they say, let us just think of what progress has been made in our state all this years. What have Sarawak achieve vs Peninsular? Although we have all the riches of the natural resources, why is it that Sarawak still uncomparable with Peninsular? Just take the road as an exmple. Whenever I drive, I won't stop but nagging at road condition. The road is just like a clothes that full with stitches everywhere. Stitches done in order to cover the hole. What the hack is that?

I must agree that we have all that it takes to be a rich country. However, Sarawak is still so pure. Pure in the sense that most of the people is still not polluted by the bad influence. Everyone still mind their own business and not fighting for what they believe.

So, think carefully before you vote. Think of what both side have done and not vote based on what they say. Everyone can talk and gives thousand of promises. But actions speak louder than words. Anyway, worldofdidi's vote will goes to Chong from DAP.


Newspaper Star said…
Maybe not so nice to declare who you vote for lah... It's suppose to be confidential...
Dav DiDi said…
Hehe .. i dare to declare coz i'm not qualified to vote.. other words, i'm standing on my own side
RaiNboW said…
Haha.. read my blog. I also state my stand. But i'm not a register voter too. Lol..

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