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BBQ at RH Plaza

This is actually quite a late posting. Hehehe.. Sorry guys, I've been way to lazy lately that I got lazy to upload the photos out.

After my confirmation on Easter day, I treat my cousin and family for dinner - steamboat. It's been a long time since the last time I come here. Can't wait to eat!!

I think this restaurant earns more from us. It's because we ate so little that we can't even cover half the price that we paid! Haaaiiihhhzzzzzz.... I purposely order plain water so that I don't fill my stomach with drinks but still, I just couldn't eat as much as lastime. Sighhhh....

Although life is busy, I believe we should always pamper ourselves with stuff that we loves. Agree?

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Newspaper Star 10:07 PM  

I don't really like this kind of bbq buffet lah...
Because i struggle to judge : i can't tell the meat is already cooked or raw.
Sometimes eat raw meat; sometimes overcook until burnt. haha

RaiNboW 9:51 PM  

Totally agree we should pamper ourselves!!

Dav DiDi 12:57 PM  

Hahahaha.. i let the "expert" tell me whether it is cook or not...

Rainbow... next food location - hijau

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