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Porridge King

People call this place as porridge king as they serve porridge with all choices, including abalone and scallops. Of course, the price is so much different with original porridge.

But for me, I don't feel like having any porridge for the day. Luckily they have other food as well. Overall, I think the food here is quite ok. There's way too much ajinomoto though. I think that's how they tries to make the food taste 'better'.

Anyone know the name of this shop?

4 tell DD:

Newspaper Star 2:11 PM  

where is this?

Newspaper Star 2:12 PM  

where is this?

Dav DiDi 7:08 PM  

Dunno how to say the place wor .. its somewhere at Tabuan, near Unaco

Kryst Tie 9:29 AM  

Chok Kar Chong Cafe...

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