Young Su's Ice Cream

Each time I pass through the ice cream shop after my yoga session, I always wanted to stop and had the ice cream here. I just love the korean ice cream. For me, the taste is quite different and its not that sweet too.

He is making my ice cream

The first time I had them is at OneTJ. They didn't last for long in OneTJ and it's good that they open a real shop instead of permanently shutting them down.

Anyway, I tried something different. I can't remember what they call it - complicated name. It's actually keropok and inside is ice cream. For RM3.90, it's extremely BIG!!!!

RM3.90 - unique by its own way

BF get the normal ice cream in cup. I actually transfer my ice cream to him after a while. Hahahaha!!!
RM2.90 - original and energizing
This ice cream shop is at Jalan Song...


Rose said…
Every evening when we passed by the shop in Jln Song, my girl will tell me she wants to try Young Su ice cream. Lol! Havent try it yet, but did try ice cream during my last trip to Korea. Very funny is we went during winter and the ice cream doesnt taste cold. Or probably our taste buds go numb so anything taste fine and not so cold. hehehe!
Newspaper Star said…
you forgot to take picture of the front of the shop (include the signboard) la...
Dav DiDi said…
Rose, it's quite nice but BF says that Sunny Hill ice cream is better. Lol! When I'm in US, I didn't dare to eat the ice cream.. too cold. WHen think of it, I SHOULD try it laaa..

Newspaper Star, Hhmmm, it's very hot that time. Hahaha ...

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