Dine at Koreana, Premier 101

Shame to say that I've never been to this restaurant before. Oh well, what can I say? I'm surrounded by those who just eat local food - my BF and dad just eat local food and not very keen to eat something different. Lol!

For the first time, I set my food into Koreana during one of the company dinner with some colleagues from other sites. Yeahh, I get to eat nice food without the need of paying for it. Hehehehe...

The other colleague went there right after work while for me, I prefer to go home and take my sweet bath first. When I got there, the food are all ordered and is on the way to be served. Hehehe...

I'm not sure what are all the food name since I'm not there when they order. All I know is which of it taste super nice and is a must to order if we go there.
Free refill available for all these vegetables

Beef? Pork? No idea.. hehehehe...

Sotong ..

The soup. Should really try this. It's really appetizing

Errrmmm, I'm not sure what this is called. But it's quite nice too

This is best! I love this.. beef something

Meat plus a little bit of kimchi into the vegetables. Yummmm
At the end of the night, these are all drank. Lucky, no one drunk. Hahaha!


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