Mulu Resorts - The Rooms and Surrounding

Before I went there, I can only find one accommodation in Mulu – Mulu resorts. So based on the pictures from the website, I’ve placed my booking of 3 days 2 nights at Mulu Resort.

The Room
Here I am, in front of my room, taking some pictures before entering my territory of two nights. Hahaha!

I'm in room 261

Basically, the room is quite simple. It’s not like a 5 star hotel where you get all the facilities here. But it doesn’t matter. What I need is a breakaway from work. Hehehe…

Surrounding Area
After freshen up myself, we decide to walk around the hotels area to get closer to the greens. Obviously, this resort is having their renovations. A lot of places are closed due to the renovation. All we can do at our personal time is – cycling. 

Let's go cycling!
Meals and Entertainment

After walking around the resort, we finally went into the restaurant to have our lunch. As we signed up package plan, lunch is included as well.

While waiting for the meal, we got bored. I start to play around with my camera.

Beer, anyone?

Our tiring face, waiting for food

The bread .. oh well, it is as tough as a rock 

Mushroom soup - yummy!

I think it is nasi goreng kampung

Sandwich for me

This is the best of the best!

Overall, the meal are satisfying but then I can’t finish it. The fries is way too much for me.. 

And here's dinner ... 

Performance to cheer up our night time 
Ok, not much food picture for the night..I'm too hungry to take any pictures


RaiNboW said…
Wow!! Your room is big lah...
How much for one night?
Dav DiDi said…
I take package..if not mistaken, 1k for 2 person .. errr.. i think is 3 days, 2 nights, include breakfast, lunch and dinner.. Lunch is not super luxurius one la .. Dinner and breakfast are buffet style ..include go to the 4 caves ..

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